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Pvc-win-door Corner Cleaning Machine with CNC

Pvc-win-door Corner Cleaning Machine with CNC

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  1. The machine is used for comer cleaning of UPVC doors and windows; it has the functions of digital control, pneumatic driving and mechanical technology.
  2. With the imported digital control system, it can equip more than 1000 processing procedures according to different profiles.
  3. The rooting can cut outer comers and complete vertical surfaces cleaning ordered by the procedure Meantime, top and bottom knives can mill the top and bottom surfaces another two top and bottom milling cutters can clean seal grooves and left inner glass easily and also according to different conditions dialing numbers and changing the procedure.
  4. It also can clean the welding line caused by un-precise rule this machine has features of easy adjustment and high automation, It is an ideal equipment for large scale and continuous and various profiles.

Technical Parameter

Model numberMACC1-CNC-120-2X3
Working Air Pressure0.5~0.8Mpa
Power supply380V/220V 50Hz
Input power1.1kw
Air consumption200L/min
Processing profile height30~120mm
Processing profile width20~120mm
Groove processing depth≤0.3mm
Contour dimension1620×1000×1500mm
Machine weight(about)450kg


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