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Four Head Welding Machine

Four Head Welding Machine

Macchina India



    • Welds four corners of PVC profiles simultaneously with high sensitivity and strength at 90°
    • Beckhoffbrand, high performance industrial PC operated by Windows XP Embedded. Works between 0°C – 55°C. 15″ touch screen display and fan less mother board system.
    • Data transfer by via network connection, wireless network connection or USB interface
    • Welding parameters for every individual profile defined by the user (upto 10,000 profiles)
    • Welding temprature, melting and welding times can be adjusted individually for every profile type.
    • Movable fence system proide quickly transfer welded frame in a minimum time spend to the cooling station.
    • All machine axes are moved by hardened steel ball screw which provide saccura cyanddur ability.
    • Machine axes control system can identity cutting length defects upto 2 mm automatically.
    • PC controlled (PID) heat control system to obtain a strong welding results in compliance with standards.
    • PID controlled pre heated table knives provide better welding results at cold weather conditions
    • Summer/ winter working mode is automatically selected and by way of this way temperaturee adjustment done easily
    • Vertically placed strong mechanical design heating plates distribute sheat homogeneously without being afected from hard working conditions.
    • Easy and fast change for teflons by special designed spring pressed teflon system.
    • Easy and fast change for welding moulds
    • Work effectively under suitable pressure with the pressure control system
    • White or color profiles can wel with the same sensitivity
    • Central lubrication system minimize maintenance time spending
    • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual production reports can be crated
    • Light barriers and safety wquipment conforming to CE machine design with full security
    • Industrial Etherner connection method for stability and accuracy of binding with high data rransfer between CNC corner cleaning machine.
    • All the erro messages and system status can observe on screen by HMI software program which developed by Macchina India software department
    • Service to the entire automation system problem detection and resolution can be done by remote connection.


  • Automatically selection for 0.2 mm and 1.2 mm welding range.
  • Bar code reader
  • Gasket pressing System
  • Welding moulds

Technical Parameter

Power Supply400V, 3ph, 50-60 HZ
Power Consumption12 KW, 32A
Max. Welding Length3.300 mm x2.600mm
Min. Welding Length390 mm x 450 mm
Max. Welding Length520 mm x 570 mm (with gasket pressing system)
Max. Profile Height180 mm
Min. Profile Height30 mm
Max. Profile Width120 mm
Air Pressure6-8 Bar
Air Consumption70 Lt/min.
Machine Height1.700 mm
Machine Length4.300 mm
Machine Width4.750 mm
Machine Weight1.920 Kg


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